Unlocking the LATAM Music Market​

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Gain Digital Advantage

Empowering Sounds

We help musicians and professionals increase their competitive and economic potential.
Results-Oriented Solutions

Global Harmonies

We create a global artistic community by facilitating the transnational circulation of European artists in the Latin American markets.
From Art to Science

Unlocking new ways of success

Raise awareness among professionals We raise solid awareness among managers, labels, and artists about the opportunities in LATAM markets, promoting economic growth through Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing tools.


Our bootcamps unlock new paths to success in LATAM, allowing artists to take control of their careers through a unique opportunity for personalized support and learning. Algo-Rhythms is the meeting point between European talent and the diverse music scene of LATAM, fostering cultural exchange and transcontinental collaborations.

Coming up! Bootcamp #2: AI & Creative Content 
March 6-7, 2024 – Dublin